Alexander McCall Smith – My favourite snack

Alexander McCall Smith is a household name as an author, his books are numerous including covering the antics of The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency. Now I’m not going to review any of his books, but I am going to tell you about his favourite snack.

Of course, this will inevitably include Marmite, but also cheese which is Marmite’s ultimate pairing.

The author adores Fried Marmite Sandwiches.

(This is not for the diet concious 🙂 )


2 slices of white bread
Butter (vegetable spread if you have to)
Cheddar Cheese (sliced)


  • Butter the slices of white bread on both sides, and spread Marmite on one of these sides as thick as you fancy.
  • Place cheese slices on the side with the Marmite and lay the second slice of bread on top to make a sandwich.
  • Lay this sandwich in a medium hot frying pan and fry until the one side is browned, then flip over carefully onto the other side and again fry until browned.
  • Lift the sandwich from the frying pan, carefully to avoid burns from the oozing cheese, leave to cool slightly and enjoy.


(Please be careful as the cheese can pull out of the sandwich while biting into it and burn the chin, I have done this numerous times and it’s not pleasant 🙁 )

  • If you have a sandwich maker or a Panini maker, you can use these instead of a frying pan.
  • For extra richness and calories, you can add butter to the pan prior to the sandwich.
  • The author’s most favourite way to cook if possible, is over a camp fire. This adds a rustic smokiness to the sandwich

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