The Jars

These jars are the pride of my whole collection. So far I have only a fraction of the jars that have been released over the years, but I’m still looking and still buying. The original jar, sadly, still eludes me.

New images coming soon to replace these below –

The Jars

5 thoughts on “The Jars

  1. i have a marmite 2oz jar, but it is clear glass not brown, it says marmite on either side of the jar aswell with 2 oz above it, where could I find out which one this is and what value it has please

    1. Hi Gavonia. Marmite used to use clear glass on the odd occurrence when the amber glass was unavailable. They are good for collectors and value is only dependant on the condition. Whether it has front and back labels, or a lid etc, if it’s not got those, then it’s quite a lot lower in value, but still collectable. If you would like to contact me directly on with a photograph, then I sure we can come up with a mutual arrangement. Thanks 🙂

  2. Was the original shape of the Marmite jar designed on a specific theme, such as Brizlicote Hall, Burton Trent

    1. Hi Peter. To my knowledge, it was just based on the original French Marmite casserole pot which is depicted on the label. I had never heard of Brizlincote hall before (not being from Burton), it’s very beautiful.

  3. Hi, I found a bottom half of white opaque glass with inscription ‘property of marmite company’ in the middle has a logo and number 15. I’m trying to find more information. Can you help?

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