The use of Marmite in recipes is not something new

Marmite started encouraging the use of Marmite in general cooking during the wartime period of 1939 to 1945

Advertising in newspapers and other media during the period changed often to give ideas on what to do with Marmite, such as adding to pies to give the gravy a meaty taste, or add to stews for a great flavour. Rising awareness of vitamins was used, adverts said, “A small quantity added to the daily diet will ensure you and your family are taking sufficient vitamin B to keep nerves, brain, and digestion in proper working order.” but housewives were also encouraged to spread Marmite thinly and to “use it sparingly just now.”

One of the recipes that came out of Wartime Britain that used Marmite was Woolton Pie and this is what I will add as the first recipe in this section.

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