Personalise your Marmite for the one you love.

We had the Christmas Marmite personalised labels and now for Valentine’s Day 2016, Marmite have brought out loving labels for loved up Marmateers.

There are 2 different styles “Be Mine” and “I’m Yours”

You have 11 Characters to tell them how much you love them.

They are £4.99 for a 250g jar and if you want a box, it’s a £1 extra.

Postage and Packing is £2.99 no matter how many you order in one shopping spree.

Censored Marmite Pet Names

Censored Marmite Pet Names

However, if you have a rude petname for your loved one, there is a chance that the company won’t print it. Also the pet names that make your average person cringe such as “Snookums” and others are also not going to be printed.

The Standard Newspaper stated that Philippa Atkinson, Marmite Brand Manager said “We appreciate that Marmite is a spread best enjoyed at breakfast, and nobody wants a side helping of nausea first think in the morning, so thought it made perfect sense to ban the most hated pet names.

So in the same rules as Marmite, Love it or Hate it, you have to be more old fashioned with your personalisation.

Please note, for guaranteed delivery by 14th February,

please order by MIDDAY ON 9TH FEBRUARY

If you want just a normal label, then that is fine, as it’s there for you too.

So what are you waiting for…………………….Order Now!

3 thoughts on “Personalise your Marmite for the one you love.

  1. Will not allow me to use 11 characters !!!!
    Including spaces ????
    Spoke to Customer Service & was told it has been sorted, but still not allowing 11th letter.

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