Favourite Items – Vintage Marmite Prize Pebble

This was one of the first of the rare items that I purchased within my first year of collecting.

Marmite Prize Egg

Marmite Prize Egg

A vintage Marmite wooden Prize Pebble. Silver printing on the front reads “Marmite the Quality Food Extract – Prize Pebble Open Me”. On the back is the remnants of a red seal with some faded lettering. It is only 3 inches long.

There is only one clue to the age as it says Food rather than Yeast Extract with dates it anytime from 1902 to 1930.

I have many of hours of research in this item, but there is nothing that I can find about it.  This would have been part of a competition of sorts, that is clear.  It could have been a free jar of Marmite, a monetary prize, who knows, it was sadly empty.  This has been made of wood, finely carved using a lathe which is more commonly called treenware.

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