The Summer of Disappointment

This is my first blog post, I am so thrilled to finally have this website up and going. I have not uploaded all the photographs to fill the collections yet as I’m about to get ready to take new photographs of everything during the collection’s 6th annual photo on the 16th August 2015.

I’ve normally got something to say about Marmite, and today I find myself still miffed to see more and more Summer of Hate Marmite jars on Ebay. Although I’ve not found one myself, I am thankful and happy that some of my fellow collectors have managed to bag one of their own.

What am I on about?

Summer of Love & Summer of Hate Jars released Summer 2015

Summer of Love & Summer of Hate Jars released Summer 2015

Well, this year, Unilever brought out a new “lighter” flavoured Marmite. Taking the spiel from Marmite’s own website, they say “Taking design inspiration from Woodstock and the ‘Summer of Love’ in 1967, Marmite’s new limited edition jars will spread peace, love and hippy vibes throughout the summer. This limited edition variant is a delicately flavoured adaptation of the much-loved recipe, made with 100% lager yeast for a slightly lighter taste”.

The Summer of Love jars can be found all over the Country in Waitrose, Ocado, Tesco and Asda. However, what has upset and annoyed proper collectors is that Unilever have only released 94 Summer of Hate jars, one for each official day of summer. What has happened is a huge surge of people desperate to get their hands on these jars (think of Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket). The Ebay traders are eagerly snatching them up where they are going for extortionate prices to desperate collectors. This is even if they make the shop floor in the first place. Nobody can be sure how many are removed by shop staff before the remaining Summer of Love jars being displayed out in the shopping area.

There is still a few weeks left before these jars disappear, as Unilever only made one batch. The “Summer of Love” were produced in packs of 6 and there are 360 packs on a pallet and there are 40 pallets. 1 jar of “Hate” was substituted for a jar of “Love” randomly through the pallets so if my Math is correct, there is 86400 jars then 94 SOH jars removed makes it 86306 Summer Of Love jars. We know of 12 that have been found so far, so there are still 82 out there either undiscovered or undeclared.