Favourite Items – South African Halloween Jar

250g Marmite Halloween Jar

250g Marmite Halloween Jar from the “Don’t be afraid of the dark” promotion

One of my favourite jars in the whole collection is from one of my most favourite ever Marmite promotions, this is a 2012 Halloween promotion from South Africa.  The only other place in the world to have their only other Marmite factory (British Marmite that is, the original and best).

Don't be afraid of the dark

Don’t be afraid of the dark – Original Artwork by Andrew Ringrose

Marmite conducted research to better understand the South African youth and what they thought about Marmite. The results were astonishing – Marmite had very little relevance. How could this be? How can so many people not know about such an iconic brand? We needed to change this.

“If Mother didn’t tell you about Marmite, what else didn’t she tell you?” – A campaign line that brought to life everything unknown, interesting or downright bizarre. One thing your mother definitely didn’t tell you are scary stories – local and traditional- that spring from Halloween. Since we’ve positioned ourselves as the spread that tells you things your mother didn’t tell you, we thought it appropriate to connect the dots, and created a Halloween campaign that did just that.

The tactical Halloween campaign ‘Don’t be afraid of the Dark’ encourages people to be brave and try the original dark stuff, because there really isn’t anything to be afraid of.

Creative Directors: Jake Bester, Gareth McPherson
Design Directors: Dani Loureiro, Bridget McLaren
Art Director: Josh Foster, Andrew Ringrose
Copywriters: Jake Bester, Gisele Human, Neil Meyer, Craig Walford
Designers: Dani Loureiro, Bridget McLaren, Andrew Ringrose, Josh Foster
Illustrators: Dani Loureiro, Andrew Ringrose

The video is a brilliant time-lapse of the painting of a wall mural animation by Nick Herbert and Natalie Perel.